LED Table Rental NYC

Yellow LED Cocktail Table
Yellow: Definite summer bash...
Red LED Cocktail Table Rentals
Red: Valentine's Day event...
Pink LED Cocktail Tables
Pink: Sweet 16, obviously...
Blue LED Table
Blue: Holiday party for cops?...
Green LED Tables
Green: Nice for a birthday...
Teal LED Cocktail Table Rental
Teal: Perfect for nightclubs...
White LED Table Rental
White: Great for weddings...

The LED table is a staple in any event or party in NYC that wants all of the furniture it rents to have an impact on it's audience. The standard size of our LED cocktail tables are 24"x24". This is referred to as the "footprint". It is the amount of space any given object occupies at ground level. This helps to differentiate the area that's provided via tabletops. It is important to know when you're thinking about leg room. Knowing the difference between the footprint and the tablespace will allow you to more effectively plan the seating for any given event or party in NYC. The cocktail tables are also 41" high. It gives them a great height for resting drinks or food on them when you're standing, and works well with the standard bar stools as well. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

Our lighting creates the brightest LED table rentals available in the greater NYC area. We know that when you think of renting LED furniture, you want something that is going to light up your whole room. The lights are controlled via a radio frequency (RF) remote and have many different settings that you can adjust to fit your party. The analog control for the lighting allows for you to get the exact hue you want. No more pressing buttons and hoping it's close enough to make you happy. The RF remote has a range of 30 Meters (90 ft). This is more than enough distance for almost any venue, or nightclub. The lights run off of a rechargeable battery and can easily last for 10 hours per charge.

The cost of renting our LED tables is a combination of how many you want, how long you want them, the date you want them, and the location of the event. We offer quick quotes that will let you quickly establish your budget, and allow you to focus on other aspects of your event.

Delivery and setup is almost always factored into the prices we provide. We know that hidden charges are objects that belong to bad business, and we strive to make all costs known ahead of time. We make our money off of the rental, not the delivery, setup fees, COI requirements, or anything else. We know you've a lot on your plate. Worrying about extra charges shouldn't be something that should take up any of your time.

When we say our LED table rentals are built with quality we mean it. We only use 100% virgin materials. It's the strongest metal, and acrylic that you'll find in the construction of furniture. We take pride in knowing that no one makes better furniture than we do. Our materials also carry the luxurious shine that comes with things that are new, and fresh. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

New York City is a great place to hold parties and events. Everyone usually has their A game on, and is dressed to impress. We love New York City the most of all the locations that we rent our tables to, because when they desire a party they ensure that it happens. We usually arrive at the location 2-3 hours early, to be certain that we're ready when everything starts.

Any table rental in New York City can become a thing that creates a memory to last a lifetime. All the planner has to do is arrange the cocktail and LED coffee tables into a configuration that allows for the guests to enjoy the venue or nightclub the most. If you're a venue or a nightclub and are looking to acquire the brightest rental tables available in New York City then you're at the correct website.

Our staff is familiar with NYC and all the ways around. You can be confident they'll arrive in a punctual manner. NYC is our preferred zone to do our rental business in. Every rental that goes to NYC undergoes a thorough inspection for cleanliness and inventory. The last thing we want is for your plans for a New York City nightclub or venue to fall apart.

If you were to compare our tables to other furniture rental companies in NYC, you'll see that our highboys are the brightest of any table rental company in New York City. A table that comes from us is certain to be the finest table available.

All rentals require a lead time. We prefer that the rentals are reserved at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Any rentals that don't come in at the two week mark are subject to a rush fee. Since our goal in all rentals is to have the customer be happy, please reserve the products to be rented early. Renting late also comes with the possibility that the highboys won't be in stock. When you choose to rent be sure to get your inventory that you intend to rent reserved for that special date. Renting without a predetermined reservation is the wrong way to try and rent highboys. You need to be sure that what you desire to rent will be there for your function. Rented objects also undergo a lot of use. When renting, be sure that the rented items are inspected by attentive staff. We have a lot of experience taking care of things like inspections of rented items. We have multiple groups renting highboys from us for their nightclub or venue, and each instance the highboys rented are examined. We don't rent out damaged highboys. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.