LED Table Rental

LED Lounge Table Rental NYC, NY

We provide all kinds of furniture and staging options. One of the most popular items are LED table rentals for lounges. Many other kinds of venues use us as well, but this specific item is most ordered by the lounges and nightclubs. We also have lighted bars, light up dance floor, illuminated stages as well as fashion show runways and catwalks. We enjoy being involved in benevolent charities or fundraisers. We've given tens of thousands of dollars, with in-kind donations, to various charities, and are proud of it.

We bring our LED table rentals to any location in the US at a moments notice. While we serve the entire nation we have focuses in NYC, Los Angeles, and Miami. In these locations you'll get the best prices, and largest inventory. Delivery fees are different based on location and date. We also have additions to the price when there is some form of obstacle that needs to be traversed.

For more information about our LED table rentals for lounges and nightclubs CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.