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Kia Vonvega, who starred on Project Runway called us when she wanted to rent a runway in NYC. She knew the moment she entered the room to do her fashion show, that we were there to make sure that everything would go as she had planned for her new stretch line. When you're looking to rent a runway, you should make sure that you use a unique and specail catwalk to get that extra attention. All of our lighted staging is built with beauty and style in mind. The lighting will make your event stand out from the rest with the special set up, and will fill you with ideas for your fashion show.

In this photo Kia and her models posed for a group photo. We changed the color of the catwalk with the remote control to match her dress. You can see that when you coordinate the LED lighting of the fashion show runway rental to the designers outfits, you can achieve remarkable results.

We believe that in the future, whenever Kia is looking to rent a runway in NYC, she'll call us. We delivered and set up the LED runway for her as well as maintained it throughout the show. As it was a live show, she needed an attendant.

We take pride in making sure that every time someone chooses to rent a runway in NYC, and they choose NY LED Furniture, we provide the best service possible. We want to make your fashion show the best out there. Using our light up fashion show stage will allow you to accomplish just that.

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