Lighted Fashion Show Runway Rental NYC

Lighted LED Fashion Show Runway Rental NYC

This light up fashion show runway is for an event in NYC, during fashion week. It's an 8" high LED lighted runway rental, and it's placed on an 16" portable stage. This allows for your models to enjoy the elegance of an LED light up catwalk, while giving them the elevation required to ensure the attention of all photographers in attendance. The stage is 8'x12' to give the models plenty of room to dance. The catwalk is 4' wide, which is good for the passage of one model at a time. By using the T design the models will have ample time to showcase their clothing while another model makes her approach.

The lighting that we use for our lighted fashion show runways and LED lit catwalks is battery operated, and incurs no risk of shock or injury. This will keep your staff and your products safe. There's also no risk of anyone tripping over wires, resulting in greater safety as well as greater reliability. The LED lights are operated via a RF remote control. It has a range of approximately 20-30 meters, and can accommodate 3 zones. This could allow you to have the stage, catwalk, and wings at different intensities or colors.

This particular elevated LED light up fashion show runway rental cost the client $2,850. The price included tax, delivery, lighting, setup, and pickup. It was for both the LED portion as well as the elevated stage that didn't light up.

All illuminated inventory that involves our LED stage units require our staff to setup, and cannot be done without them. The products are both heavy and fragile when not properly placed. The delivery fees are as follows: Long Island $100, NYC $150, NJ $200, CT $200. There is also a possibility of other fees, although it's rare. Such other fees might include special permits, required parking, extra staff.

Our light up runways and LED catwalks are built with strength in mind. We know that you're going to be trusting our company with the safety of your models and clothing line, and we want to make sure that everything is perfect for you. Whereas safety is important it's not a concern that makes anyone to ignore beauty and style. Our catwalks and runways are modern and sleek. They incorporate the look of industry, with softly translucent acrylic.

There are many locations that have fashion shows. Of these NYC is the most prominent with fashion week always around the corner. There are many other locations that have shows, and we feel like every show can profit from having a lighted catwalk. When your clothing is paraded down the runway by a beautiful model, you'll be happy you chose a runway that we lighted by our LED lights. If you choose to rent in NJ, then you'll find that rentals there get just as much attention as NYC. You can also be sure that renting in CT, and Long Island also has the same standards for renting as NYC. Just because there isn't a large event happening doesn't mean that you shouldn't get the best service when you rent.

When configuring the lighted runway at your show, you should consider the initial sighting of your clothing. Do you want your audience to see them getting onto the stage? Or do you want the first significant sighting to be while the model is making her approach down the catwalk? Lit Runways and catwalks that are in the T formation allow for more viewing of a design. If you feel that there's a complexity to your clothing line that needs extra viewing to properly appreciate then you should consider a T formation for catwalks and runways that are rented for your show.

All rentals are going to be handled by our trained staff. They've handled many kinds of rentals are are accustomed to almost anything that a rental could need. When renting any of our units, you'll find the employees that handle your rental are skilled in all aspects of rentals. They are polite and courteous to everyone they meet while organizing your rental, and are likewise polite to anyone they might bump into during the rental process.

When renting be sure that the company you choose understands that you deserve to rent the best catwalks that there are. Any catwalk you choose to rent, should be rented from a company that specializes in renting only the best. Quality is critical when in comes to lighting your rental. All rentals need to have the best light up products that are possible.

You should reserve the products you intend to be renting, as soon as you can. Anything rented from us will always be delivered to your event clean and ready to go. When you choose to rent from us, you'll soon learn that you've rented from the best company possible. Don't rent lighted fashion show runways from anyone else in NYC, NJ, CT or Long Island. We need time to prepare for your event. Please inform us what you need rented at least 2 weeks prior to your fashion show.

Every catwalk and runway that can be rented comes from our dance floor collection. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.