LED Fashion Show Runway Rental NYC

LED Fashion Show Runway Rental NYC

This particular fashion show runway rental in NYC has the dimensions of 4x20 for the lighted catwalk and 8x12 for the stage area. All of our runways and catwalks are constructed from our LED dance floor units, and attach together into differing configurations to form anything you might need for a fashion show. The standard 8" high units are placed onto a 16" portable stage to obtain the finish height of 24".

The LED lights used in all of our light up runway rentals are the same LED lights that we would use for a light up dance floor. They are controlled via an RF remote and are battery operated. The benefit of being battery powered is there's no wires for the lights. This means no trip hazards or worries about someone getting shocked. As laws in New York City are particularly strict, this can be extremely important.

The cost of renting a runway is $34 per dance floor unit. Each dance floor unit is 24"x24" and 8" high. This lighted catwalk rental consists of 44 units and has a base cost of $1,496.00. This isn't including the staging under the dance floor sections.

As all the catwalks and runways are created using the same units, it must be assembled by our trained crew. This is the same crew that will be delivering the product.

Each section of the runway and catwalk rentals is crafted with care and precision. We take great care to ensure that your runway and catwalk was built by one of our well trained staff. We usually staff our factory with individuals from the construction field, so you can be sure they're no stranger to assembly.

Anytime one of our NYC fashion designers asks us to deliver one of our led lighted runways or LED catwalks to their event, we ensure that they'll get the finest rental service possible. NYC isn't a place to play games with. We make sure that every NYC fashion show that chooses us for their LED runways and catwalks gets the finest rentals possible.

There are many different configurations that a designer can choose for their event rentals in New York City. They know that each fashion show event is different and must be catered to the audience. If your event calls for a specific configuration then draw something for us and we'll try to match it in your rental plans, as much as possible.

Our staff goes through a program that ensures that each member understands every aspect of how fashion show runway and catwalk rentals in NYC work. You can be certain that your show will get the best service from a rental company that you can.

One of the easiest ways to know that we're the best event furniture rental company in NYC is to compare how you found us. If you saw us on the top of the charts, then you can be sure that we're doing a good job. If you stop to think about it we're only there because we've been voted the best lighted furniture company in New York City.

For jobs in New York City under $1000 we require full payment upfront, at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the function. Jobs that are over $1000 must provide a down payment of 50% of the total cost of the project. The remainder must be paid 2 weeks prior to the date of the function.

This particular event wasn't a party, but everyone in it wanted to party after they saw how beautiful our luxury furniture was. It seems like every time we rent our luxury furniture to a function or party, in New York City, there is talk about how our runways and catwalks light up the night. So if you need to draw extra attention to your clothing line it would be a good idea to include lighted rentals that have the ability to light up the night. We wish you a great party. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.