Fashion Show Runway Rental NYC

Fashion Show Runway Rental - Rent A Runway

This light up fashion show runway rental in NYC, was designed to be used for fashion week. The lighted stage in the back allows for a dance presentation that'll draw the attention prior to parading down the illuminated stage. The 4'x20' lit platform allows for one model at a time to display the clothing style being presented. At the end of the LED catwalk the models can further display the brand on the wings of the T design. You'll choose your own style when you rent a runway NYC. All LED lighted runway rentals are unique and are treated as such. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

The illumination of this runway rental is provided by cordless battery operated LED lights, if need be, although we prefer direct power as someof our lights are extremely powerful. These brighten up the event and are controlled via our RF remote. The LED lighting can create a variety of colors, each dimmable to your preference. LED light groups can also be assigned, for easy coordination.

The cost of runway rental was $2,850.35. It included delivery to NYC, set up, lighting, and pick up. When you're looking to rent a runway, there's no better choice than a company that enjoys a wide variety of catwalks.

When it's time to deliver the catwalk we will need relevant information that will assist us through the process. Things like COIs needed, freight elevator usage, parking restrictions, and so forth. The delivery fee to NYC is $150, Long Island $50, NJ $150, CT $150.

All of our products are built with 1" square aluminum tubing for the framing, 1/2" acrylic overlay tops for the top, and 1/4" sides. We believe in safety as well as beauty when we build our lighted runways and lit catwalks.

Our clients in NYC, NJ, CT, and Long Island enjoy all the services we can provide, and we enjoy offering it to them. When fashion week hits in NYC we're really on the ball and ready to roll. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

You should consider how you want your fashion show line to be presented. If you want to have pipe and drape, or partition walls hide the models until they're ready to go down the catwalk, we need to know this beforehand. We feel that the T formation runways and catwalks are best for complex or artistic lines.

Our company has worked on shows all over NYC, NJ, CT, and Long Island. Many times if it's not a large fashion show, it's NY colleges that use our catwalks and runways.

You shouldn't use a company in NY, CT, NJ, or Long Island, that's so large that they think they have you under their thumb, but you also shouldn't use one that's too small to fit your show. We have plenty of inventory, and we're not going to tell you how to do your job in NY.

A down payment of half the total cost of the rental is required to reserve the lit runways or lighted catwalks for your show's date. The remainder of the total is required to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the event. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.