LED Dance Floor Rental Queens, NY

LED Dance Floor Rental Queens, NY

All of our LED dance floors, illuminated platforms and lighted stages come with the base size equal to 24"x24". The standard height of one of our light up event rental units is 8" high. It is the same height as a household staircase rise for each step. This intuitive design is meant to make our light up LED dance floor as safe as possible. Our studies have indicated that any height other that 8" is a "non-intuitive height". Having a non-intuitive height often results in more injuries. Even if the rise to the units were 2" they would be more dangerous than our 8". For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

The LED lighting that we use for our rentals is battery operated, so there is no reason to worry about electrocution, tripping over wires, or complicated setups. The LED lights have a wide variety of colors available to them, and you can use our remote to make any changes to color or intensity as you see fit. All of our LED lights work off of one remote so it's very convenient for you to change anything you see fit. There is also a fade and jump program built into the LED lights that allow you to have the light cycle through it's colors with either a fade or a jump respectively.

The cost of our LED dance floor rental in NYC is $8.50/sq ft. Since all of our illuminated units are 24"x24" this means it's $34 per 24"x24" unit. To calculate your price you figure out the square footage of the light up dance floor you require by using even numbers for x and y. then you multiply that by $8.50. This gives you the base cost of your lighted rental.

These lighted acrylic units are not available for pick up. Delivery and setup of our dance floor rentals must be done by our trained and insured staff. The tops are heavy, and when not positioned properly can be broken. We'll need information about the venue of the light up lounge rental prior to showing for the date. We require access times for any service entrance, or service elevator that we're required to use for a wedding or other party. We'll also need to know ahead of time about any COIs that are required for the venue.

Our acrylic dance floors are constructed with 1/2" acrylic dance tops to properly hold the weight of anyone on top of it. The framing used to create our event furniture is 1" square aluminum tubing and injection molded heavy duty plastic corners. The aluminum tubing have flanges on it, which we use to secure the side panels into place. These flanges also allow us to fasten the units together. We've tested our products to the extent of driving a full size pickup truck onto them.

Most venues in Queens, NY allow us onto the premises with little to no notice. Locations in NYC typically require paperwork processing to allow our illuminated event furniture onto their property. That's why it's important to know this well before the date of the rental. We typically arrive between 2-4 hours prior to your event. This gives us plenty of time to setup your light up furniture rentals. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

Queens, NY has a lot of people that are having parties all the time. Whether it's a holiday party, company party, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen, anniversary, or wedding, our lighted dance floor rentals will illuminate the event as well as any lounge decor that's at the venue.

NY LED Furniture takes pride is bringing the best portable dance floor to your event, and tries to do everything we can to make your party the best you've ever had. The staff that'll be delivering your furniture is polite, and professional. We're very careful who we hire, and allow to handle our decor.

It's critical that you look into several factors when looking for a supplier of the lighted lounge furniture rentals that you are going to be using for your wedding or other party floor. One of the main things you should be concerned of is are they available for rent, for the date that you want the rental for. Some companies "double book" glow products and then hire subcontractors to provide the glow floor for them. You won't find that kind of behavior with our lounge decor rental company.

Down payment for Queens parties over $1000 is half, and then the rest of the due amount 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. For Queens parties that are less that $1000 full payment is needed at the time of the lounge decor reservation. It is important to note that we need adequate time prior to the date of any Queens lounge rentals to schedule any staff needed for the events. If Queens events are scheduled within 2 weeks of the party, there is a rush fee of 25% that can be charged.

Some of our wedding parties in Queens, NY and NYC have the lighted furniture brought to their wedding party the day before. They do this because the setup of their lighted LED rental can be done by them without our help. It's unfortunate that these event rental items can't be dealt with that way. Our staff must deliver them to your event and be setup for your wedding. Of course there are many other things to worry about during a wedding than our company. Our company has gone to more weddings than we remember. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.