Portable LED Light Up Bar Rental NYC

LED Light Up Bar Rental

When you want to create a party like no other you're going to need to bring something different. Getting a light up bar rental by NY LED Furniture for your event is the best choice. We've got a great reputation and even better customer service! We serve all of the nation, but specialize in NYC, Miami, and Los Angeles. We offer special discounts to repeat business, and love helping charities. When you want the best, you come to us!

Many of the companies that have similar products use cheap lights. We don't! The other companies will try to have you use IR remotes (Infared), which means you'll need to be standing right next to the light and pointing the remote at it. The range of the remote is 10ft at best. We use RF remotes (Radio Frequency). Ours are good for up to 90ft, and you don't have to worry about which way you're facing. This is especially important if you want 2 or more portable LED bars to be the same color, but they aren't next to each other.

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