Fashion Show Runway Rental - Hannah Practicing

Envy by Melissa Gorga Fashion Show Runway Rental Practice

Hannah is studying to be a nurse, and isn't currently earning a living as a fashion runway model, but she certainly could if she wanted to. Her energy and gorgeous smile lit up the LED runway rental just as brightly as our lights! To see more of Hannah check her out HERE. She did the showcasing of the Envy by Melissa Gorga fashion line as a favor, and while not currently in the modeling profession, we hope to see more of her soon. For more information about LED runway rental in NJ CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

The Bravo TV network was filming during this practice walk, as it is part of the season finale of the season 7 Real Housewives of New Jersey. We look forward to having our LED fashion show runway shown on the TV networks finale. Find us on social medias to see many more photos.

This particular fashion show runway rental included 2 decor towers, as well as 4 cocktail tables (not in photo). The total cost of this fashion show runway rental was $2,374.00. It's a price that's well worth it.

We had included delivery, set up, breakdown, and pick up in the price of this rental. There was also an attendant for the event to ensure that everything went according to the schedule. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

We value the safety of everyone on the job site, and as such always make sure that we have all the needed materials at hand to ensure that a beautiful woman like Hannah doesn't get hurt.

When you're looking to rent a LED fashion show runway in NJ you'll find that the best ones are built by our company. We build our own platforms and stages. This way we know that we're getting the highest quality stages and platforms in the fashion show runway rental industry in NJ.

If you're interested in renting one of our catwalks or runways and are located in NJ, let us know. We'll be happy to provide you with the best decor, platforms, and stages that are available for rent. Don't forget to give us plenty of lead time till the date of your event. You should reserve your rental today to make sure you have it for your event. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.