Portable Acrylic Bar Rental - Newark, NJ

Portable Acrylic Bar Rental Newark NJ

Even though the party in Newark, NJ was going to be at night we like to set up the party rental furniture earlier. The LED rental furniture that was used for this birthday was an acrylic portable bar, a large (20x30) tent rental, a DJ, and a photo booth. There are many ways to go about making your event a good one. Obviously the people are the most important, but without the proper ambiance your event will suffer. No one wants a birthday in a parking lot! This birthday party in Newark, NJ was on the right track with everything it had. The client made sure that she would have anything that her guests could want. The acrylic portable bar she rented from us cost her $450. Our products are great and our service is unmatched. We are the best party rental furniture company in NJ. Make sure to check us out. We have many different kinds of portable bars that can be rented. We use our sectional bar to provide the most flexibility in design and implementation. Sometimes a client will ask for something more complex than a simple 6' bar rental. Sometimes they're looking to rent an "L" shaped bar, or a "V" shaped bar. With our sectional bar rentals you'll find that any bar design is possible. We do this by creating units that can fasten together with clips when they are side by side. A sectional bar rental unit is 24"x24". It has a clear acrylic shelf on the inside that allows for use of the bar without any difficulty to the bartender. Creating the bar design of your dreams is possible, and all without the cost of buying it. See more portable bars, take a look at all the party furniture rentals.