Light Up LED Dance Floor Rental

Lighted LED Dance Floor

Welcome to NYC, NY. We haven't the time or the patience to waste on parties or events that don't ignite a spark in the memories of it's guests. Our LED lighted dance floors are capable of starting the fires that fuel pure joy and infinite happiness. The LED dance floors we offer have a 24"x24" base, and are 8" high. It's the same height as a standard staircase step.

Strength And Beauty In Design

Light Up LED Dance Floor

Our acrylic dance floor rental units are built with the finest of materials. We use anodized aluminum tubing with flanges to securely hold the side panels in place. We also use 1/2" acrylic overlay tops for our dance floor rental for events. This heavy duty construction allows for up to 250lbs of weight per sq foot. The rental dance floor design also helps distribute the weight.

Lighted LED Fashion Show Runway & Catwalk Rental

Lighted LED Fashion Show Runway & Catwalk Rental

Our lighted dance floor rentals are customizable to the size of your event. They come in 24"x24" units that can connect to each other securely, to form any shape and size you might need. This not only allows you to create LED dance floors, but also a light up catwalk or an LED fashion show runway. An LED fashion show runway like no other! This catwalk will get them all the attention they crave.

Delivery of Your LED Dance Floor Rental

LED Dance Floor

Delivery and setup charges are based on your location. Long Island is $100, NYC is $150, NJ and CT are both $200. The delivery and setup fee is waived for any LED lighted furniture rental over $3000. Furthermore, if you're event is located in NJ or CT then there's no reason to worry about tax. You can use the money you saved, to get a gift for that special woman you're taking to the party.

Serving NYC, NJ, CT, and Long Island

Don't live in NYC? Feeling left out? No need to worry, we also rent our lighted dance floor and furniture to NJ, CT, and Long Island. That way when you want to bring your party to the next level you can rest assured that you'll get the same glorious light up dance floor rentals that NYC can. We deliver and set up the LED dance floor for you.

Our LED Lighting and How It Works

The LED lights that we use to illuminate our glowing LED dance floor rental are battery operated. It's simple to control them with our remotes. One remote for all the lights. The lights can change color at the touch of a button. There are over a 256 colors and intensities that can be chosen from, and all with the just one finger.

Fast Price Quotes!!

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If you know what you want and where the event is being held, then that's all you need to find out the price. We're able to punch in a few numbers and know EXACTLY how much it's going to cost you to rent your light up furniture. Either contact us via EMAIL, or you can just call us at (516) 473 - 8254.

Our Trained and Professional Staff

Much of our lighted event furniture rentals can be picked up at our location in Long Island, but these units aren't available for that. They must be delivered and setup by our trained and insured staff. They are heavy and fragile when not in their proper positions. We're sure that you're a strong and intelligent, but our insurance providers demand that we handle these products ourselves. If you're in NYC, NJ or CT you weren't really going to try this anyways, but it's important that we cover the subject.

Please Contact Us To Receive A Quote

Please contact us at or call at 516.473.8254 to reserve the event furniture rental of your choice.
We look forward to speaking with you. In fact we're waiting for you to contact us a pillar of patience, resting on a mountaintop, listening to the rain slowly rise in intensity.
From all of us at NY LED Furniture to all of you, thank you for considering us for your dance floor rentals in NYC, NJ, CT, and Long Island. Peace and love to you all :)

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Know Your Illuminated Dance Floors

Illuminated Dance Floor

You've been in the city for a while now, and you sure of what quality is. So when you see our LED dance floor rentals in NYC, you can tell that uncultured lout standing nearby that he's in the presence of something magnificent, and you won't just be talking about yourself. Lighted dance floor rentals are all the rave, you've seen them in shows and movies.

Wedding Dance Floor Rental

Wedding Dance Floor

We deliver our wedding dance floor rental to your event 2 - 4 hours prior to the start of your party. The set up is fast and our crew is accustomed to working in many different kinds of wedding venues. Prior to showing up, we'll need information that's important for delivery. Information like freight elevator usage, COIs, and service entrances. This is all so you can rest easy knowing that everything?s ready for your big day. You've got enough to worry about.

Light Up LED Stage and Platform Rental

Light Up LED Stage

These glorious pieces of illuminated event furniture can be stacked to form a stage, consisting of multiple layers of awesome. Do this to created an illuminated glow stage. Your lighted stage rental can be several levels, consisting of differing heights. This can clearly denote the importance of the individuals standing on the stage. Is someone far more important than everyone else? Let everyone know it, by literally putting them on a lighted pedestal stage.

Reserve Yours to Secure Availability

Lighted Dance Floor

It's important to reserve your event rental furniture well in advance to the actual date of your party. Our supply, while extravagant, isn?t quite as extravagant as you. Our supply that can make your event be one of the most luminous parties of all time. Renting nightclub furniture such as this will attract the attention of everyone around you that has a taste for anything to do with a nightclub or simply anything that?s awesome.