• LED Coffee Table Rental

    LED Coffee Table Rental Rent an LED Coffee Table

    Our coffee tables come widths of 16"x16", 24"x24" and 24"x48". At heights of 16" and 24" they also serve as end tables and a great addition to any lounge set up....

  • rent a LED Coffee Table

    rent a LED Coffee Table LED Coffee Table Rentals

    Here is another image of our LED coffee tables. You can see that they come in many shapes and sizes. Mix and match them to create your perfect lounge set up for your party. There is no substitute for fine LED event furniture...

  • buy LED Coffee Tables

    buy LED Coffee Tables Purchase LED Event Furniture

    Here are some more images of our LED coffee tables. The units featured here are 24x48 inches, and provide ample space for any guests seated in this lounge furniture set-up....

  • outdoor LED Coffee Table

    outdoor LED Coffee Table Rent Outdoor LED Furniture

    Here are more images of our LED coffee tables. These units have 32" round tops on them to provide more space for the guests that are enjoying this lounge set-up. Use these coffee tables for your own event or party to create a relaxed, elegant atmosphere...

  • LED lit Coffee Table rentals

    LED lit Coffee Table rentals Illuminated Coffee Table Rentals

    Here are more images of our LED coffee tables. As you can see they are different than the other coffee tables, in that they use 24x24" base units stacked on top of each other. It provides an even more unique look than normal...

  • Illuminated Coffee Table

    Illuminated Coffee Table LED Lit Lounge Furniture Rentals

    Here is another image of one of our 24x48" LED coffee tables. The amber lighting is a nice, elegant touch. It takes special lighting to achieve this look. Our LED lights have the ability to do so. Make sure to ask about amber lighting when you call or leave a message on our form...

  • light up Coffee Table

    light up Coffee Table Light Up LED Furniture Sales

    This LED coffee table was purchased by a client that rents event furniture to customers that use his DJ services. He cuts down on his overhead while offering enhanced services to anyone that he takes on for ther services that he renders to party-goers...

  • buy a LED Coffee Table

    buy a LED Coffee Table LED Event Furniture for Sale

    If you're an event planner, or typically find yourself renting furniture for events that you plan, you can increase your profit margin by owning your own inventory. LED furniture is great for almost any event that requires party furniture...

  • purchase LED Coffee Table

    purchase LED Coffee Table Buy LED Lit Lounge Furniture

    The LED lights that come with any furniture purchase are powerful enough to effectively light up this entire room. Buy this lounge furniture and watch the profits that you gain from doing lounge furniture set ups increase dramatically. These tables are a "must own"...

  • renting LED Coffee Tables

    renting LED Coffee Tables Outdoor LED Furniture Rentals

    Our LED furniture is waterproof and can be left outside for long periods of time. With these LED cubes you're not limited to only indoor parties. Rent this furniture for any parties that you have outdoor, especially in the summer...

  • nyc LED Coffee Table rentals

    nyc LED Coffee Table rentals LED Furniture Rental in NYC

    NYC has lots of rooftop parties. Rent some of our furniture to ensure that your event is one that will light up the night. Waterproof and durable, these are the highest quality LED coffee tables on the market...

  • NY LED Coffee Table rentals

    NY LED Coffee Table rentals NY LED Furniture for Rent

    NY is known for it's style and flair. Don't let your party be the exception due to a poor choice in rental furniture. Rent from NY LED Furniture for the finest products available. Indoor and outdoor, it doesn't matter these LED coffee tables are waterproof and strong...

  • glowing Coffee Table

    glowing Coffee Table Light Up Cubes and Coffee Tables

    You can see here that the LED lights that come with any rental can make your furniture glow like the moon, but you get more of a choice in colors. Choose from reds, blues, greens, and even varying degrees of white. You can make your party light up an otherwise dull event...

  • LED Coffee Table set up

    LED Coffee Table set up LED Event Furniture for Sale

    We often sell to other event furniture companies. These companies always come back to us as they witness first-hand the quality of our craftsmanship when it comes to our furniture. Don't buy from china, unless you want to have to buy new furniture every year...

  • light up LED Coffee Table

    light up LED Coffee Table LED Lounge Furniture for Sale

    These large coffee tables were purchased and are used extensively throughout all of this clients rentals. He has a great style that you can see with every lounge set up that he puts together. He is one of our best clients and we are happy that he uses our services...

  • long LED Coffee Table

    long LED Coffee Table Large LED Coffee Table for Sale

    You can see one of our long LED coffee tables in our showroom. Make an appointment to come in and visit us and we will happily show you the wide variety of LED furniture that we have available for either rent or sale...

  • custom LED Coffee Table

    custom LED Coffee Table Custom LED Cube Tables

    LED cubes and all of the other products in our furniture line can be easily customized. This client wanted a damask pattern on all of his coffee table cubes. You can see how beautiful they are when illuminated. If you're looking for custom LED furniture, you've come to the right place...

  • showroom LED Coffee Table

    showroom LED Coffee Table Pedestal Top on LED Coffee Table

    You can see here that all the LED cubes that we have can be fitted with a pedestal top to provide for some extra room. This square top provides a lot of space while not detracting from the overall beauty of the furniture. It is quite common for our LED coffee tables to be rented with a pedestal top...

  • LED Coffee Table with top

    LED Coffee Table with top Illuminated Pedestal Coffee Table

    We also have round pedestal tops for our LED cubes. NY is a place that often combines beauty with function. This is demonstrated in the LED furniture that we produce. You can see that you will get a lot of extra room from using this pedestal top on you recently rented coffee table...

  • plain LED Coffee Table

    plain LED Coffee Table Round Pedestal Top for LED Table

    Here is the coffee table with the round pedestal top when it isn't lit up with our LED lighting. You can see that even if you didn't want to use LED lights the coffee tables still look stylish and professional. These would do great for a company party where the lights might be left on...

  • custom LED Coffee Table

    custom LED Coffee Table Custom Graphics on LED Cube

    Here is our custom LED cube again. This time we decided to light it up with red. You can tell that the color is a matter of taste, while the style of the LED cube holds it's classy design regardless. Make sure to get the best party furniture possible for your event...

  • event LED Coffee Table

    event LED Coffee Table LED Event Furniture for Rent

    Our LED coffee table is the one to the left. You can see that in comparison to the one to the right ours is much brighter. That is because of the type of acrylic that we use. We only use the finest quality materials when we make our products. This ensures that we produce the finest furniture...

  • LED event Coffee Table

    LED event Coffee Table Rental LED Event Lounge Furniture

    Renting event furniture is expensive. Don't spend your money on something that's not going to leave a lasting impression on you or your guests. NY LED Furniture has only the finest, brightest, and strongest furniture on the market. Don't be fooled by imposters...

  • LED party Coffee Table

    LED party Coffee Table LED Event Lounge Furniture Rental

    Match the lighting of the LED event furniture to the wall lighting to create a beautiful event. You can see in this "white party" that all the patrons will enjoy a great event due to the wonderful LED coffee tables that were rented from NY LED Furniture...

  • party LED Coffee Table

    party LED Coffee Table Renting LED Party Furniture

    LED lounge furniture comes in many forms. Make sure that the form you choose for your event matches the theme that you have chosen. The theme here was a "white party". You can tell from the layout and lighting that the event will most likely be a smashing success...

  • LED Event Coffee Table Rental

    LED Event Coffee Table Rental LED Tables Rented for Event in NYC

    Everyone that attended was surely pleased with the LED event coffee table rental, because it was so exquisite to lay down their glasses and see how the color came through.

  • LED Lounge Coffee Table Rental

    LED Lounge Coffee Table Rental Bright LED Coffee Tables for Lounge Setup

    Beautiful! That is what people say when they take a look at the LED lounge coffee table rental by NY LED.

  • LED Party Coffee Table Rental

    LED Party Coffee Table Rental NYC Party with LED Coffee Table Rentals

    Just look at how the led party coffee table rental makes the room glow with the colors.