LED Furniture Sales

LED Furniture For Sale

If you're looking to buy quality LED furniture and decor, then you are at the right place. We sell LED dance floor, LED tables, LED stages, and portable LED bars. All of them other than the dance floor can be made in our special breakdown system. This will allow them to collapse and take up as little as 6" - 8" in width. Contact Us now to get durable products that will save you money, space, and time. The system that allows them to breakdown so easily works great for our LED cocktail tables.


If you are in New York City area, or on Long Island you qualify for our local shipping.
Local shipping is $100, and if you are out of our local shipping area then we will use a frieght carrier. This cost varies based on your location.


Our products don't break, but just in case they ever did...
We have a lifetime warranty on piece of furniture or dance floor we make. That's how confident we are about our furnitures durability.


Custom LED Coffee Tables for Sale

We also provide wholesale to companies that wish to partner with us in different locations. The further away you are, and the bigger of a market you have, the more of a discount you can recieve. Contact Us to set up a meeting or conference call.