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    Party Furniture Rentals CT LED Table Rentals CT

    Renting party furniture in CT isn’t something that you can go cheap with. You need to make sure that you have the best company as well as the best products. When looking to make an impression you can’t have second rate services. We have proven that if you’re looking to rent party furniture in CT then we’re the company to use. We make sure to provide you with the best products that we can. We like to ensure that all of our clients have exactly what they desire. We get our tables to glow as brightly as possible by testing them with the ambient light in the area. If we find that the lights are relatively bright then we might choose to double up on the lighting. Typically we don’t need to, but we like to make sure that our guests are happy...

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    Rent Party Furniture in CT LED Portable Bar Rentals CT

    When renting party furniture in CT, make sure to not forget about the bar. The illuminated bar is a great addition to any event. Use it to accentuate the drink serving area, or use it for a silent auction display. Use it to it’s full advantage anytime you decide to rent party furniture in CT. We’ve seen many events, and almost all the good ones use a bar in their order. Keep in mind when ordering that availability is limited and you should reserve your party furniture rental ASAP. While we do have a large quantity it is not unlimited. If there is a large rental on the same day it is very possible that you will be competing for inventory if you did not allow for ample time for us to fill the order. Sometimes we will build new product just to help fill your order...

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    CT Party Furniture Rentals LED Dance Floor Rentals CT

    An LED dance floor is a great addition to any CT party that is renting furniture. The light up dance floor has a certain panache that allows for your guests to “cut loose” a little more than normal. It doesn’t make them go crazy or anything, but you can be certain that it will rile them up a little. One of the best ways to keep warm is to keep moving. Add our portable dance floor to your party furniture rental, and watch your guests stay warm on those cold Connecticut nights. The dancing will surely do what you intend, which is have a great time. As we all know, dancing brings out the best in people, so make sure to use the best party furniture rental company in CT when renting a dance floor or anything else...