• LED Dance Floor Rental CT

    LED Dance Floors | CT Rentals LED Dance Floor Rental CT

    LED dance floor rental in CT isn't something that should be hard. We are the best light up dance floor rental company serving Connecticut. When you really want to leave an impression on the guests of your party, make sure to get a portable dance floor rental from the #1 source for CT. If you're looking to rent a lit up portable dance floor then you've come to the right place. We tabke great pride in providing the best disco dance floor rentals to the Connecticut area. We will happily deliver our products to the event, as well as set them up for you. All of our dance floor rentals are 24"x24" and 8" high. You can stack them, mix them and rearrange them to get almost any shape dance floor you want.
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  • LED Dance Stage Rental CT

    LED Dance Stages | CT Rentals LED Dance Stage Rental CT

    Renting an LED dance stage in CT is something that bands and DJs often ask us for. Light up stage rentals in Connecticut are getting more common as event planners are looking for new and better ways to make the events get more attention. Glowing stage rentals for people in CT shouldn't be difficult, we make sure that you have access to all of our acrylic stage rentals. Illuminated stage rentals are a typical order for performers of all sorts. If you would like a lighted stage rental in CT call us right away to secure the product for the date that you would like to use it.
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  • LED Runway Rental CT

    LED Runways & Catwalks | CT Rentals LED Runway Rental CT

    LED runway rental in NYC is a snap. We do it all the time and are accustomed to large crowds and impressive lighting. Our LED runway rentals in NYC outshine all of our competition. They just don't use product as high quality as ours. You will find that every LED catwalk rental is one of a kind and gets all the attention that it deserves. Our LED catwalk rentals use the same products as our LED dance floor rentals. The units are very versatile and have shown time and time again how endless the possibilities are. Use our LED catwalk rental to showcase any fashion show or award ceremony. You will surely have positive feedback from all your visitors about the LED runway rental in NYC. There is no better choise when it comes to renting an LED runway in NYC, and that's because we build the best dance floor in the world.
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LED Dance Floors

LED Dance Floor Rental CT
Getting the best LED dance floor for your Connecticut party is essential to create an event that will make everyone enjoy your particular glowing style. If you're looking for an illuminated disco dance floor, then we've got the portable dance floor you need. When renting your party furniture from us you will get only the finest of service and the finest of products. Make sure to use use for all kinds of parties.

LED Dance Stage

LED Dance Stage Rentals CT
A LED dance stage rental is usefil for all kinds of parties. If you're doing a sweet 16, or a need a dance stage for a wedding, then we're the party furniture rental company that you should use if you're in Connecticut. When in Connecticut, you have the same demands for style as your neighbor. You need only the best light up dance stage rental in the area. You will get outstanding service from the best party furniture rental company in the business.

LED Runways

LED Runway Rentals and Catwalks CT
Connecticut has some of the finest fashion shows and displays in the northeast. When you're looking to rent an LED runway or catwalk in Connecticut, look no further than you have. You've reached the best party furniture rental company in CT. We rent LED runways and catwalks to the finest of party planners.