LED Fashion Show Runway Stage Rental CT

LED Fashion Show Runway Stage Rental CT

This light up LED fashion show runway rental in CT has a unique design that is for one way traffic down the lighted catwalk. It is for a fast paced fashion show, and the LED runway stage rental had to be built to suit those needs. The rental catwalk is LED illuminated and 4' wide so there's plenty of room for the models to do their job, showing off your clothing line or accessories. The lighted deco walls are great for hiding the models until it's time to unveil them. The light up deco towers serve as both LED decor as well as stabilizers for the lit deco walls. The lit deco walls are 8' high, and the light up deco towers are 82" high. This lighted fashion show runway stage rental design incorporates a VIP lounge pit, that'll be sure to have it's guests feeling that they're in the middle of the event. In fact they literally will be. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

The color of the rental stage is determined by the LED lighting. All our lights are battery operated, which eliminates any concern for tripping as well as shocks. The batteries of each light are high capacity so will easily last throughout the night. The lighting is all LED, so there's no need to worry about anything in regards to it. The LED lights are controlled via our RF remote control, that's good for up to 30 meters. There's a choice of over 250 colors, each dimmable to whatever intensity best suits your event or party.

This particular light up fashion show runway stage rental cost was $5,212. This price included delivery and setup for the event. There was not lounge furniture in this event, so that's not in the price. Neither was there any additional decor.

Delivery fees and setup charges are included in every quote we give, unless you haven't provided the information for our company. There are other possible fees to consider, but most of the time it'll never occur. These fees are basically anything that we're required to do for your specific venue. This doesn't include any COIs that might be needed. We've got that under control. So relax and lounge.

Our lighted acrylic fashion show runway stage and illuminated catwalk stage are built with both strength and beauty in mind. We incorporate sleek corners and minimalist design together with the strongest materials to create the finest lighted runway possible. Our light up stage framing is 1" square aluminum tubing, and has been know to hold a full size pickup truck on them. The acrylic tops of the catwalk are made of 1/2" acrylic. It's almost the quality of bulletproof glass. The acrylic super strong and beautiful when lit and illuminated. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.

Fashion shows in Connecticut are no less demanding than anywhere else, you can't just lounge around. Use us to make all your ideas for a lighted catwalk become reality. It's your fashion show, so there's no sense in not letting your ideas shine. We enjoy being partly responsible for a great event that presents you new clothing line, and we want our illuminated rental to help. After you work with our company, then you can lounge about with some of our lit decor.

When you want to rent a runway use only the most reliable and affluent companies, that serve your area. That, coincidentally, is our company. We carry all kinds of lit lounge and party furniture and take pride in making your ideas go from, in your mind, to on the floor with decor.

Our trained staff is ready to get to your illuminated event a few hours early, and make sure that all the furniture and decor is lit exactly as you want it to be. They've been to many other shows and will mostly already know everything there is to know about what furniture and decor has to be illuminated. What they don't know is things like locations of freight elevators, or service entrances, so we can bring in all the deco furniture. These are things that you'll need to tell us prior to us getting to your party.

You should always keep in mind that there's a cheaper alternative, but that comes with risk. Risk that they won't have what you need, or it'll not look the way you want. Don't go with the cheapest alternative you can find, it's usually a fly by night operation. We've been in the business for quite a while and have made a name for ourselves by making things turn out the right way.

A downpayment of half the total is required to reserve your catwalk for the date of your fashion show party. The remainder of the total is due 2 weeks prior to the date of the party. It's important to give us ample lead time before your event, so we can have all your furniture prepared for the big day of your party. For more information CONTACT US... or call: 516.473.8254.