• Casters

    Wheel kit for Lounge Furniture and Portable Bar Wheels for Portability

    Casters can be added directly to you units or can be a seperate piece that you place your unit on to give ou the option of not using it if it isn't always needed...

  • Shelf Kit

    Cocktail Table with Shelf | Rentals and Sales Display Decor or Product

    This shelf kit fits onto any of our 24"x24" cocktail tables or coffee tables. Use to diplay your products or decor at an easy to reach level...

  • Dance Tops

    Strong Lounge Furniture | Rentals and Sales Heavy Duty Top

    This top is avalible for all 24"x24" Units. Typically used for the 8" high dance floor, it can also be placed on the LED tables to create dance stages and runways. Thats the versatility of the Portadecor system...